About FBC

About FBC (1)


1. Background

Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.Co., the Nation’s first commercial National Broadcaster and multi-lingual Radio Station, used to be a clandestine anti-Dergue voice of Liberation (Voice of EPRDF) before its establishment as “Radio Fana S.Co.” in 1994. With the defeat of the notorious military regime by the EPRDF led popular struggle, Radio Fana has been re-organized under the ownership of the four Regional Endowments. The major share holders of the company are: EFFORT, TIRET, TUMSA and Wondo.

As of January 2011, Radio Fana Sh.Co., grew to Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.Co. so as to enter into the TV business. FBC's current capital is ETB 100 million and operates three SW, one MW and 7 FM transmitters Nation-wide. FBC has incorporated commercial and public service values and advocates developmental journalism to foster nation building and fight against poverty.Currently FBC have around 360 employees in the main branch and 304 employes in the reginal stations, a total of 664 very strong employes.

2. Vision

A favorite, progressive and popular voice of Ethiopians and Africans.

3. Mission

Provide quality media services by providing informative, educative and entertaining programs that help build democratic and prosperous Ethiopia where all citizens benefit from such developments. FBC is also working on establishing a world class engineering support for national broadcasting equipment.

4. Core Values
• Promote and support National Economic, Political and Social policies to achieve National Consensus on constitutional values and the role of developmental state.
• Promote equity and equality among citizens and assure mutual benefit for every citizen from the National Development as per his contribution to the national development.
• Provide National and International News and Current affairs that support and mobilize citizens for development and democratic change so as to bring about national Prosperity and Good Governance.
• Proactively promote and protect equality among Ethnic, Gender and faith based communities and Nations and Nationalities to foster their values, languages, and culture and history with respect and to effect improvement based on their own choice.
• Ensure professional ethics and principles of developmental journalism
• Ensure company profitability and generate profits to share holders.